Energy & Water Management Software for Manufacturing
Energy & Water Management Software for Manufacturing Sustainability

The Award Winning enCONTEXT Industrial Energy Management (IEM) solution captures near-real-time energy, water, production and environmental data from disparate sources. Data is streamed to the enCONTEXT Cloud for contextualization and analytics. Access role based, user configurable performance dashboards and reports from any desktop or mobile browser.

Fast Deployment

enCONTEXT Energy & Water Management Software is a cloud-based/SaaS solution, enabling fast and inexpensive deployment that scales easily with your business.

Easy Configuration
(No Code)

Pre-built dashboards & metrics, and intuitive navigation to configure & customize your own views & variables, including targets and alerts.

Quick ROI

Minimal upfront investment combined with a Pay-as-you-go / Pay-as-you-grow subscription means you quickly achieve net value from the system.

Out-of-the-Box Powerful Solutions


enCONTEXT dashboards provide Water, Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam consumption and cost data contextualized against production, weather and other manufacturing data with role based ability to drill down to the product level.


Analyze usage across multiple utilities, correlate consumption with production, analyze trends and utility costs for total usage by utility, by product and per region, plant, area, line and unit of production. Easily identify process disturbances and poor performance. Quickly report on Greenhouse Gas emissions.


User defined targets and limits enable email and text notifications with alerts based on duration and frequency of an abnormal event. Users can set frequency of notification for each metric alert.


Easily switch display mode to enable attractive, easy to read dashboards for use in plant kiosks, offices and customer meeting areas.


This 4 minute video will show you how enCONTEXT can help you reduce energy consumption in your manufacturing facilities

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